Key Features

  • Managed AP: Up to 150
  • Built-in AAA and hotspot gateway functionality
  • Policy enforcement, guest Wi-Fi, logging & reporting
  • WAN load balance
  • Redundancy: 3(Max)+1 with automatic synchronization

Product Information

The EWS5203 is an enterprise-grade wireless LAN controller that provides establishments such as hotels, universities, or even complete municipalities with a comprehensive set of managed Wi-Fi features at a competitive license-free price point. With AP management, user authentication, policy assignment, traffic shaping, firewall features, and much more all packaged into a single box, the EWS5203 provides network administrators with a reliable, easy-to-use, and centralized management console for an entire organization’s wireless network infrastructure.

The EWS5203 is capable of managing up to 150 wireless access points and can be directly integrated with unified access switches, all of which can be deployed and configured easily by anyone, including non-wireless savvy users. For example, automated AP discovery prevents network administrators from having to go through the hassle of individually adding and configuring each access point. Access points, as well as connected Wi-Fi devices can then be monitored and managed from a centralized point, with extensive logging and reporting features that assist in troubleshooting and maintenance.

As Wi-Fi enabled handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets become ever so prevalent in our daily lives, businesses and network operators alike are faced with a mind-boggling dilemma – how to simultaneously address the needs of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), manage Wi-Fi users, and maintain network service quality for mission critical applications. The EWS5203 is designed exactly  with  these  requirements  in  mind,  and  with  a  total  cost  of  ownership  that  satisfies  even  the  most  price  conscious, organizations are guaranteed to receive an unmatched ROI on their wireless LAN infrastructure.

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