Key Features:

  • Basic Mode: No Software Installation is Needed Support 8 connection One click mirroring Includes both Display and audio
  • Advance Mode: Up to 1 split screens.
    Install Software on android and windows devices. Connect using dongle or via software.
    Use Wi-Fi router to increase capacity (200 devices or more).
    Support Touch Panels with 10 mpoint touch function
    Compatible with iOS airplay screen mirroring
    Android software version offers a remote control function and many more
  • WPS02 is equipped with dual wifi transmitter which enables it to function as your Wi-Fi router the same time. It is capable for transmitting data of 300 to 1200mbps.

Product Information

Screen Mirroring is one of the essential functions of a Smart Classroom and Office enviroment. It promotes an innovative way of collaboration Connect Jibe WPS 02 with your Touch screen TV and control your Windows devices from your main display. Along with screen mirroring function, the built Android OS is equipped with usefull Apps like Virtual White Boards that offers cloud sync function, Video conferencing Application, Mira Cast, WPS Office, Annotator, Web Browsing and etc.

Its also an open system that allows users to install thier own desired Apps. Just download the APK file of your own and install it with the system. WPS02 also comes with an optional USB dongle for one click mirroring. Corporate industries are often very delicate in terms of the use of outside softwares that hasn’t been certified by the company’s IT department. USB dongle functions by pairing with the receiver box instead of software installation. Once paired, you can project your devices to your main screen by simply clicking the button on the USB.

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