Key features:

  • Firewall Functions including: Firewall, IP V4 / V6 Dual Mode, URL Database, Load Balance, Content Filtering, QoS, Application Access Control, Authentication
  • Security Protection: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP), BotNet Co-Defense, Anomalous IP Analysis,
  • ARP Spoofing Defense for superior security protection, Co-Defense SNMP
  • Internet Recorder Functions include WEB, FTP, MSN, Mail Records for better monitoring
  • VPN Functions supports three modes of VPN protocols such as 1.IPSec VPN, 2.PPTP VPN, 3.SSL VPN
  • Management Functions allows vast arrays of feature – Diagnostic Tool, Log, Lan Bypass, and CMS.

Product Information

UR 918 is the medium state solution in the line of UR Series UTM by Sharetech. With its SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) provides DoS detection and prevention against some popular attack modes, such as SYN flooding, port scans, and packet injection. In addition, UR-918 SPI protects against packet-injection attacks by checking several components of TCP and UDP sessions.

This device supports both protocols (IPv4 and IPv6) simultaneously and can operate in IP V4 / V6 Dual Mode. IT administrator can take out precise objectionable objects from HTTP traffic, such as ActiveX objects or Java applets that may cause a security hazard in certain situations. IT administrator can also add both keywords and URLs of specified websites or webpages to Blacklist and Whitelist. The database collect almost 1, 000, 000 URLs and updates every period of time. UR-918 provides outbound / inbound load balancing, which distribute the traffic across available links.

UR-918 offers two authentication methods: Active Directive (AD), and POP3. ShareTech UR-918 offers Clam AV for virus scanning which can detect over 800,000 kinds of viruses, worms, and Trojans. Spam-filtering mechanism serves as the defense line to blocks 95% spam. UR-918 employs 6 solutions: Fingerprinting, Bayesian Filtering, ST-PIC multi-dimensional; graphics pattern recognition, Auto learning, personal Blacklist / Whitelist and Spam characteristics filtering. Built-in IDP (IDS+IPS) inspects the packets from OSI layer 4 (transport layer) to OSI layer 7 (application layer) by using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), and block concealed malicious code, such as worms and buffer overflow attacks.

It supports three modes of VPN – 1.PSec VPN, 2.PPTP VPN, 3.SSL VPN. UR-918 provides the excellent function of anomaly traffic detection because the appliances can detect outgoing/ incoming concurrent sessions, upload flow and download flow. If employee are violating the rules and exceeding more downloading flow, they will be logged and blocked.

The included diagnostic tools that help IT administrator find out network problem without wasting time, including Ping, Traceroute, DNS Query, Server link, etc. UR-918 records mail with attachments through mail server and gateway. The server supports email documental storage which is easy to be read or searched in any operating system. CMS (Central Management System) provides a useful management and monitoring solution, which allows industries to manage distributed appliances installation across remote offices and clients.

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