Key Features 

  • Variable standard components are interchangeable to create custom solutions
  • Optimize Cooling efficiency & Energy efficiency
  • Increase space efficiency and availability capacity customization
  • Elimination of hot spots
  • Significantly lowers down operating costs
  • Suitable for raised or non-raised floors
  • Modularity for flexibility and easier expansion
  • Integrated monitoring and control
  • Efficiencies in space utilization, Economical deployment and optimal use of existing infrastructure

Product Information

Aisle Containment Solution is a system that is used to physically separate cool supply air and warm exhaust air. It is an important energy efficiency strategy that figures prominently in energy efficiency optimizations at major companies. It makes sense to isolate chilled air and waste heat as much as possible, rather than to allow hot and cool air to mix, thereby eliminating hot spots, which requires the continual use of additional energy to cool a larger volume of air.


Features & advantages

Safenet Modular Data Center is the scalable and adaptable Data Center which can dramatically save time and reduce complexity from concept and design and suitable for small or medium enterprise. This Modular Data Center can be deployed as a zoned “Pay-as-you grow for scalable IT solution from small to medium enterprise which can largely reduced time and cost.



Modular Design

Most parts of the containment systems are designed by modular, which allows easy and quick deployment on site and address changing needs or further expansion with pay-as-you grow architecture.



Secure Protection Wall

It is designed and built to provide high level security solutions for computer rooms, server rooms, and co-location data centers.




Easy and Precise Cable Management

The roof mounted cable ladder allows cable bundle to span Data Center aisles or gaps within rack rows. Supplied M/N channel provides overhead cable routing and power /data cable segregation.



Dual Door System

The Containment Provide the right combination of safety and security by using dual mechanical doors and sliding doors on each end of the aisle.



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