Key Features

  • 5Ghz 9dBi Outdoor GP Antenna
  • Omni Directional
  • Outdoor multi-point bridge use

Product Information

Weather Resistant Antenna
The WAE-509GP is a 9dBi wireless antenna constructed of weather resistant material. The omni-directional(360 degree horizontal) coverage makes the antenna ideal for outdoor AP use. The antenna is equipped with female NType connector for use with RG-213 cable. Please note the vertical coverage is only 15 degree; therefore, the remote object should at similar altitude as the antenna. For building to building application, please choose the outdoor patch antenna.


Extending AP’s antenna Outdoor
Wireless signal loses a majority of its strength when penetrating a concrete wall. Therefore, indoor AP has difficulty to makes its signal available outside of the building. The WAE-509GP allows your AP’s antenna to extend outside, mounting on a rooftop or outside wall. This is essential for a community wireless network where the AP will service as the central internet connection hub. Because of its 360 degree coverage, it will ensure the signal will cover the area around the building. However, it is not recommend for building to building bridge use. The antenna comes with N-Type connector for connection with outdoor AP. To connect with indoor AP’s reversed-SMA connector, a RG316-SNF adapter cable and RG213-SNN cable is required.

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