Key Features:

  • Connector type: Male N-Type
  • Recommended adapter and cable:
    • RG-213-SNN cable required for connection with outdoor AP
    • RG316-SNM cable required for short connection(30cm) with indoor AP
    • RG316-SNF and SG213-SNN required for longer distance(>30cm) with indoor AP
  • Frequency range: 2.4~2.5GH
  • Radiation
    • Directional
    • 11 degree horizontal, 9 degree vertica
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Material: Element: stainless steel

Product Information

Weather Resistant Antenna
he WAE-2424GR is a 24dBi wireless antenna Tconstructed of weather resistant material. The directional (horizontal 11degree, vertical 9 degree) characteristic allow the antenna to focus its signal for longer distance and avoid interference from nearby source. It is very suitable for outdoor point-topoint bridge use. The antenna is equipped with female N-Type connector for use with RG-213 cable. Focus AP’s signal for longer distance Wireless signal loses a majority of its strength when penetrating a concrete wall. Therefore, indoor AP has difficulty to makes its signal available outside of the building. The WAE-2424GR allows your AP’s antenna to extend outside, mounting on a rooftop or outside wall. Furthermore, patch antenna focus the antenna signal in a particular direction to allow secure signal transmission over longer distance. This is essential for outdoor point-to-pint bridge use. The antenna comes with N-Type connector to connect with outdoor AP. To connect with indoor AP’s reversed-SMA connector, a RG316-SNF adapter cable and RG213-SNN cable is required.

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