Key Features

  • Support Client Mode, AP Mode, WDS Bridge Mode, Repeater Mode, WISP Mode
  • Multiple SSID
  • QoS (802.11e WMM)
  • Wi-Fi, WPA compatible interoperability
  • WPA with PSK/TKIP/AES support ,WPA2 support
  • Privacy Separator support
  • SNMP v1/v2 support
  • Support adjustable output power
  • Comply with DFS II
  • 152-bit WEP support (Atheros Proprietary)
  • Super A/G mode support (Atheros Proprietary)
  • ACK Timeout Adjustment
  • WPA over WDS support
  • Bootloader Protection and Emergency Firmware Upload Code

Product Information

WHA-5500CPE is an all-in-one outdoor device designed to let users build outdoor wireless connections quickly and easily. Running at the quiet 5GHz spectrum, it delivers high performance at distance of more than 5 kilometers.


108Mbps Atheros 11a/b/g CPE

The WHA-5500CPE-NT is all-in-one of the Outdoor AP device that is designed to run at the 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequency spectrum. Therefore, you can setup up your outdoor wireless network quickly. It can be use to build point-to-point connections between buildings or used as wireless clients for WISP subscribers. With its Atheros 108Mbps Super A / Turbo A*/ Super G / Turbo G capability, it is also suitable for WISP backbone applications.


5 Kilometers Distance or More

With high performance Atheros 11a/b/g radio, the CPE can reach the distance of 5 kilometer or more in good weather condition. The included 802.3af Power over Ethernet adapter is capable of up to 100 meter in distance between the AP unit to the power outlet. This makes installation very versatile and simple.


Multiple Operation Mode

The WHA-5500CPE-NT is equipped with multiple wireless operation modes. The Bridge Mode function is for building wireless connection between 2 buildings. The AP mode is for hotspot service or WISP service to subscribers. The CPE can be used on the subscriber sight to receive WISP Internet service in client/WISP mode. The CPE has every wireless mode function for your equipments.

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