In addition to high network speed, a business needs collective and profound security protection as well. UTM is a next generation fully functional, one box or all in one secured gateway solution that processes the required speed and safety.

Besides SPI, it provides multiple security features such as Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Recorder (mail and Instant Messenger), IDP, BOTNET Defense, Qos, User-Definable Networks, anomalous IP analysis, Co-Defense, Application Access Control, ARP Spoofing Defense, Switch management, Load Balance, Content Filtering, CMS, IPSec VPN , etc.

It is the best network choice that fits companies ranging from small branch offices to middle businesses. UTM is an appliance that makes security simple and profound to companies yet highly effective at the time.

managed UTM_02

The purpose of network security is essentially to prevent loss, through misuse of data. There are a number of potential pitfalls that may arise if network security is not implemented properly. Some of these are: Breaches of confidentiality: Each business will identify with the need to keep certain critical information private from competitor eyes. Data destruction: Data is a very valuable commodity for individuals and enterprises alike. It is a testament to its importance when the proliferation of backup technology available today is considered. Destruction of data can severely cripple the victim concerned. Data manipulation: A system break-in may be easily detectable, as some hackers tend to leave tokens of their accomplishment. However, data manipulation is a more insidious threat than that. Data values can be changed and, while that may not seem to be a serious concern, the significance becomes immediately apparent when financial information is in question. There are many more potential threats that can cripple a system. To meet such demand & necessity we have enriched & diversified our solution base with the ShareTech for individual to SMB to large corporate.