Some organizations may be the target of threats by hacktivists, other disgruntled persons and cybercriminals. Though these actors may be less resourced and sophisticated than nation-state or cyber espionage actors, they represent serious and specific security threats to organizations publicly, operationally and financially. You need to know if someone is targeting your organization, why they are targeting it, and how they plan to do it so you can take steps to defend against them.



The Enterprise Surveillance solution provides real-time monitoring of information outlets to identify threat actors targeting your organization, so you can quickly and effectively prepare countermeasures to protect networks, systems, assets and your brand reputation. The Enterprise Brand Surveillance service is designed for customers with concerns for targeted attacks by advanced threat actors who may seek to damage the customers’ brand or reputation, or obtain illicit financial advantage. The service provides intelligence on and analysis of changes in the threat landscape, with particular focus on any information that could pose risk to your organization, including planned attacks and exposed credentials or intellectual property.

Richman InformaticsTM has introduced the latest IP based Security Video Surveillance solution (replacing analog CCTV systems) incorporating high-definition and high- resolution camera to produce full-motion and real-time video. The IP based surveillance gives control, visibility and notification over the existing wired/wireless IP networking infrastructure systems, and even on mobile devices.