We turned 17 years on 2 February 2018, kicked off a day of fun celebrations with a “16 Years Celebration & Family Day” event and ending with a trip to the amateur musical event. Most of us took part in Rope Pulling, Pillow Passing, Short Run, Tip Porano and Raffle Draw was also the key event as every year.

We never would have made it this far without the support of our staff and happy to have many of them with us over 10 years of our 16 years. Their dedication has helped us to serve and support our many loyal customers.

Thank you to our numerous customers who have grown alongside us and thanks for your trust in us.  We are looking forward to continuing working with our valued partners and developing businesses together even more in the future.

Moving ahead, we plan to keep on delivering to our partners the strong support, knowledge, and service levels we have become known for.  With your support, we will keep on growing, learning and improving.