Key Features

  • Platform Size: 1U Rackmount
  • Virus Engine: ClamAV/Optional Kaspersky
  • Licensed Users: Unrestricted
  • Recommended No. of Users:600-1,000
  • Max. Email Delivery:12,400,000

Product Information

The fact that email has great importance in modern business communication is undeniable. ShareTech mail server preserves previous mail server features to install in minutes, virus-free and spam-free protection, multiple domains, mobile device synchronization, and complete mail backup to manage nuisance traffic and handle attacks hidden in bulk email. In order to keep up with the fast-growing diverse applications, MS series has the most advanced cross-platform collaboration features to benefit both administrators and users. It is a unified communication platform offer comprehensive solutions. ShareTech manages to maintain four important themes (security, audit filtering, record & backup, and cloud) to offer clients more choices and optimize business productivity and efficiency.

Basic Settings 1.        Installation completed in minutes by adding host name, domain name, DNS and migrating accounts

2.        Distributed architecture operated in master and slave mode

3.        Multi-domains and company-wide automatic email signatures

4.        When server authentication is completed, SSL-secured communication and Start-TLS commands are supported to transfer email.

5.        Quarantine management

6.        Restricts the number of recipients

7.        Authentication identifier

8.        Sends large files with hyperlinks

9.        Supports secure HTTPS and SSL connections

10.    Incoming emails can be automatically or periodically forwarded or routed all to another email account of your choice.

11.    Web-based administration includes port number allocated for administrators and users, SMTPS, POP3, POP3S, IMAP, IMAPS, DNS, Webmail, Push Mail, etc.

12.    Email authentication

13.    POP3 servers support both client-side and server-side.

Mail Firewall 1.        Mass-mailing activities and attacker’s source IP addresses can be clocked directly.

2.        Anomaly detection

3.        Blocks dictionary attack which attackers try to guess a users’ accounts and passwords

4.        Checks consistency between email headers and reported sender

5.        Blocks traffic hierarchically

Audit Filtering 1.        Policies can be set up to specify which mail to allow, block, quarantine, delete, block sender’s IP, send notification, or send carbon copies.

2.        Administrators can authorize email administrators to process important email according to organization’s policies.

3.        Personally identifiable information includes ID number, credit card number, phone number, mobile number, and date of birth.

4.        Audits incoming and outgoing email

Mail Record 1.       Email record

2.       No backup for internal mailing

3.       Record lookup

1.        ClamAV anti-virus engine

2.        Anti-virus engines scan incoming and outgoing mail. Administrators are allowed to quarantine the virus infected mail, change its file extension, or receive notification.

3.      Kaspersky module (Optional); built-in 1 year for MS-6440X


Spam Filtering 1.     Multi-layered spam filtering including ST-IP networking rating, Bayesian Filtering, Bayesian auto-learning, Fingerprinting, and spam characteristics, etc.

2.        Auto-learning for spam filtering

3.        System Black/White Listing

4.        Personal Black/White Listing

5.        Greylisting

6.        IP Reverse

7.        Spam processing and notification

Account Management 1.        Accounts can be created by using multiple account applications. Administrators can create users accounts automatically, manually or integration with AD servers.

2.        Group account management

3.        Department accounts

4.        Self-service account creation application

5.        Password expiration periods

Logging & Reporting 1.        Detailed logging includes WebMail login and administration. Search interface allows you to lookup Email, SMTP, lists, events, blocking, shared folders, account application, download hyperlink, system, POP3, auditing, personal data, certified email, etc. Supports for full-text search (FTS)

2.        Logging of blocked mail

3.        Log-storage period

4.        Flow statistics

5.        A rich set of reports on log, mail traffics, mail distribution, Top N ranking, etc

Mail & System Backup 1.       Data backup via Samba, FTP, or USB flash drives

2.       Source data can be backed up to different folders, at different intervals, to maintain multiple copies

3.       Selects what data gets backed up

4.       Scheduled backup

5.       USB instant recovery

6.       System recovery

System Management 1.     IPv4 / v6 Dual Stack

2.     Real-time view of system information

3.     Privileged account management

4.     Shared contacts

5.     Scheduled firmware update

6.     A variety of diagnostics tools

7.     Mailbox quota can reach 100G for a single user

8.     High Availability (HA)

Others 1.        Supports E-paper system

2.        Organization units can change device name and display your company logo.

3.        Dual Stack DNS Servers

4.        Restores mailboxes and individual email messages

5.        Supports for multi-language interface (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese ,and English)

6.        Supports auto converting MS-TNEF (winmail.dat) attachment by Webmail

7.        Supports Push mail

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