Key Features

– KVM Cat.5/Cat.5e/Cat.6 signal receiver for the
KVM-0831/KVM-1631 KVM switches
– Extends, transmits and receives KVM Cat.5 signals
from up to 300 meters (1000 feet) away
– Designed for application with LevelOne KVM
expansion switches with optional ACC-1000 KVM
Cat.5 Console Module
– Switching computers by push button or Hot Key
– LED indicators for computer status or data
– Easy installation with no additional software

Product Information

LevelOne’s KVM-9007 is a Cat.5 receiver that enables user to access the server farm and PCs connected  to KVM-0831/KVM-1631 up to 300 meters away. This provides an additional remote console for system administrators, unleashing them from the dark, uncomfortable, and noisy environment in the server room. It offers hot-key or push button switching so users can quickly switch between the computers they need to control. No software is required and plug and play installation means you’re remote management
solution will be ready in just minutes.

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