Key Features

  • Simple to use audio terminal ideal for a background music and paging system
  • Schedule different audio in different zones
  • Search, configure, and manage all Audiocast Terminals from a central location
  • Stream high-quality stereo audio signals
  • 100% Compatible with MP3 and WAV sound
  • Lossless Transmission and 100% Fidelity.
  • Using NetUSB (USB Over IP), work around the DRM issues of streaming Internet music sources
  • Control form both local and remote locations via TCP/IP(RJ-45)

Product Information

Build and deploy an audio network that is easy to manage and covers a large surface. It needs to be able to play background music in each zone, as well as make announcements and pages. Target applications: large offices, business centers,  otels, airports, shopping malls, public transportation, universities, theatres, etc.; anywhere users need to send audio to many zones from a central admin location. 


The IP Audiocast Terminal from LevelOne (IAT-1000) is an ideal component to a flexible, powerful, far-reaching audio network. Old audio broadcast technology using RCA cables is cumbersome and difficult to deploy. By using the Cat.5 infrastructure already in place in most buildings, LevelOne’s IP Audiocast Terminals are cost-effective and efficient solutions to help build a large-scale audio network.


Powerful Broadcast Management Software

Managing your audio network has never been easier. Using LevelOne’s IP Audiocast management software together with the IP

Audiocast Terminals provides a robust audio solution. The IP Audiocast Manager streams high-quality audio signals to each IAT-1000 terminal on the network. As a result, every IAT-1000 terminal can play any MP3, WAV, M3U playlist, or live  announcements that are streamed over the Ethernet network. Each zone can also be scheduled to receive an audio stream separate from the others. This provides users with the ultimate flexibility in streaming audio to different areas of large buildings.

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