Key Features

  • 1-port Cat.5 Audio/Video Broadcaster
  • Remote monitor up to 150 m/ 500 feet
  • Supports Ethernet cable Cat.5/5e/6
  • Superior high VGA resolution up to 1280 x [email protected]
  • LEDs for power and data transmission
  • Daisy chainable with another AV extender to upgrade its application
  • No software installation required
  • Easily install in few minutes
  • Includes cable 0.9m (from PC or KVM switch to console)
  • Compatible with DOS, MS Windows, Linux, Unix and Netware

Product Information

The Cat.5 Audio/Video Extender is an ideal broadcast audio and video solution when operating with simultaneous to multiple remote monitors via Ethernet cable network. Our extender contains two devices, a broadcaster to collect audio sounds and vedio images for up to 150meter (500feet) long-distance transmissions over popular Ethernet CAT.5 cable, and a receiver to retrieve the multimedia information to remote display screen.


Flexible Implementation –The Cat.5 Audio/Video Broadcaster comes in two models: AVE-9201 with 1 RJ-45 port and AVE-9205 with 5 RJ-45 ports. The AVE-9205 allows you to deliver audio and video content to five remote locations simultaneously. Both models are daisy chainable with another broadcaster to increase your AV remote display number.
Efficient AV Display System –The Cat.5 Audio/Video Extender uses the existing Cat.5 cable network to transfer high quality vedio and audio contents to remote sides sites. You only need to install a pair of broadcasters and receivers into local and remote sides individually to provide the flexibility needed to access real-time multimedia content either from a remote side (broadcaster) or from a local site (receiver).
Easy Installation — With its compact design, our Cat.5 Audio/Video Extender easily fits on a desk or any limited space. No software or interface card is required. You can easily active this device by simply connecting it to the power source and to the network cable, further saving cable layout and cable installation cost.

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