Key Features

  • Connector type
    · Male Reversed SMA to Female N-Type
    · connect between indoor AP and
    · RG213(outdoor) cable
  • Length
    · 30cm
    · Special length available upon request
  • Impedance
    · 50 Ohms nominal
  • Capacitance
    · 32 pF/ft
  • Cut Off Frequency
    · 65 Ghz

Product Information

Thin Indoor Cable
he RG-316SNF is the adapter Tcable for connection between indoor AP and RG213 cable. The cable has a male reversed SMA connector on one side to connect with AP and female N-Type connector on the other side to connect with RG213 cable (or any outdoor cable). A connector typically has 0.3 dbi of signal loss, the combined signal loss of the 2 connectors and 30cm cable is about 1dBi. This cable will use in conjunction with RG-213NN for extended connection between a indoor AP and a outdoor antenna.

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