Key Feature:

  • Control servers and computers either locally via control port or remotely via optional modules through the module expansion slot
  • Features an expansion slot for flexible installation with optional module choices
  • Locate Cat5 console up to 300 meters away from the KVM switch.
  • To enable/disable the Screen Saving function and 10 min auto-logout function.
  • High video display quality – up to 1920×1440
  • Support Windows, NetWare, Unix, Linux, Mac OS and Sun Microsystems
  • Firmware Upgradable

Product Information

The LevelOne KVM-0831 8-port combo KVM switch enables users to control and manage several computers or even an entire server farm, using a single keyboard, mouse and monitor. Users can switch to different servers using hot-keys or push button for fast control of the connected devices.

Up to 120 computers can be connected to KVM-0831 using a daisy chain. This gives network administrator the ability to control large groups of servers or systems from one console without the need to physically move between different monitoring stations.

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