Key Features

  • 18dBi 5GHz Outdoor Patch Antenna
  • Full Range 5.15GHz ~ 5.875GHz
  • 18 degree Horizontal/Vertical Coverage
  • Strong Wind Resistant

Product Information

The WAE-5018PA is a 5.25~5.875GHZ full range 18dBi wirelss panel antenna constructed of heavy wind resistant material. Unlike other low quality antennas that will flex in the wind and cause frequent signal loss. The WAE-5018 PA provide rock solid stability that can withstand strong wind at up to 216Km/h. The directional (horizontal 18 degree, vertical 18 degree) characteristic allow the antenna to focus its signal for longer distance. It is very suitable for outdoor client-to-AP application or point-to-point bridge use. The antenna is equipped with female N-Type connector for use with outdoor cable.

Connector type
Female N-Type
Recommended adapter and  cable
RG-213-SNN cable required for connection with outdoor AP
RG316-SNM cable required for short connection(30cm) with indoor AP
RG316-SNF and SG213-SNN required for longer distance(>30cm)  with indoor AP
Frequency range
50 Ohms nominal
2.0:1 Max
18 dBi
18 degree horizontal, 18 degree vertical
Survival Wind speed
216 km/hr
Radome Material
ABS, UV Resistant
Linear, Vertical
Operating: -40 to +80 ℃
Lighting Protection
DC Ground
Product Weight (g)
825 g
Product Size ( L x W x H (mm) )
215 x 200 x 48.5 mm
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